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Vertex HF Man Packs

The VX-1210 is the solution to your HF backpack needs. While other HF manpacks can cost in the thousands, and provide function you do not need, the VX-1210 is a very affordable HF link to keep you in touch.

With wide band coverage and multiple operating modes, the VX-1210 provides the comm.-link you need with features you need, like:

  • programmable toggle buttons (that provide for low power, VFO, memory, etc)
  • Alphanumeric labels for each of its 500 channels
  • Selective calling
  • over the air kill
  • Noise Blanker
  • CW semi break in
  • lightweight/high capacity Lithium Ion battery.

For your basic HF communications needs, the choice is easy. For features you need, at a great price, and a three year parts and labor warranty, how could you go wrong with the new VX-1210 HF radio.


Dispatch Communications Corporation supplies all Vertex equipment for Sandown Wireless.

Sandown Wireless is an authorized DCC sub-dealer for Vertex Radios.


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Fax: 603-887-2117

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