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Base Stations


Base Station Console.  This is a "build to suit" type base station.  It uses any band of VX-4000, VX-5500 or VX-6000 mobile.  So, if you need mid power, high power, UHF or Lowband, we have you covered.


Features of the BSC-5000:

         Front mounted speaker - The large front mounted speaker makes for clear and loud audio as needed.

         Date / Time indicator - There is a built in Date / Time clock on the front display. 12 or 24-hour format is available.

         DC Backup - The BSC-5000 has rear connections for a DC backup input. In case you lose primary power, the DC backup battery input will take over.

Built in power supply - The BSC-5000 fully contains a 30 Amp DC power supply capable of delivering enough power to run even the 120 W Lowband VX-6000.

There is an optional unique desk microphone available as well, MD-11B8J.

Dispatch Communications Corporation supplies all Vertex equipment for Sandown Wireless.

Sandown Wireless is an authorized DCC sub-dealer for Vertex Radios.


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