P25 Digital Mobile Radios


VX-7100                        VX-7200

P25 VX-7200 Compact Mobile Radio, Wide-Band, 501 Channels / 32 Groups


  • 12 Character Alpha-Numeric display
  • VHF (134-174MHz) 50 Watts or UHF (450-512MHz) 45 Watts
  • Mixed Analog and/or Digital Operation by Channel
  • MIL-STD-810 C, D, E & F
  • Narrow and Wide band channel spacing (Analog mode)
  • P25 Digital with IMBE+2tm VOCODER
  • Analog features include CTCSS, DCS, DTMF ANI and 2-Tone
  • P25 features include NAC, TGID, and Unit ID
  • Public Address and Horn Honk
  • Scan, Priority Scan, Dual Watch, and Follow-me Scan
  • Mixed Mode Operation / Digital and Analog on the same channel
  • Audible and Visual Signal Strength Indicators (RSSI)
  • Voice Compander (Wide and Narrow Band)
  • Optional Cross-Band Receiver Module - FM and Digital. True Interoperability! VHF can hear UHF, UHF hears VHF!
  • Emergency Features
  • Coming Soon - Optional DES/AES Encryption

Download Data Sheet

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Note: This is a New Radio for 2007. We will be factory data sheets, etc. as soon as they are available. This Radio is presently shipping at Sandown Wireless. E-mail us for service manuals or software.

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