On our Spring Trip to Recover the RCA BC Rig

We stayed overnight at JN's Place


John, W3JN & Brent, W1IA

Check out the RCA going to W1ASS


That's a Piece of Iron!


Just needs reconnecting


10,000 Watt Mod Transformer. Is that enough?


Getting ready to load some iron for Timmy & IFR


Stopped by to Visit Frank, KB3AHE & Carol, KB3OMT


Frank, Me, WA1HZK (Keith) & Carol


Franks New Rig






He's actually very organized!



His main Transmitter


B.F. Iron...


Frank Brent & Carol


Star, Along for the Road Trip & Guarding the Iron


Frank's looking for some iron like this


Me, Carol & Frank 2007


We Arrive at The Vortex

Even Joe doesn't have Mod Iron this big!

Proceed to The Vortex