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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the mini PTT and the larger PTT?
OTTO offers two different styles of PTT's to accommodate different applications and radio models. The mini PTT is smaller and designed for hospitality, retail and light industrial applications. The mini-PTT is rated at a 200,000 cycle life while the larger PTT is rated at a 500,000 cycle life.
What is OTTO's standard warranty policy?
OTTO warrants it's products for 15 months from date of manufacture. This warranty applies to US and International customers. Consult your local distributor or contact OTTO directly.
How do I tell when my product was manufactured to verify if it is still within the 15 month warranty period?
All products are stamped with a four digit date code. The first two digits indicate the year in which it was manufactured and the second two digits indicate the week. For example, 0240 indicates the product was manufactured in the 40th week of 2002.
Are OTTO's products rated Intrinsically safe or FM approved?
Because OTTO products are accessories that work in conjunction with a two-way radio, they typically do not have a standalone FM or Intrinsically safe rating. It is difficult for OTTO to test every possible radio and accessory configuration. Contact your original radio equipment manufacturer to determine approvals for that radio model and applicable accessories
What does 25dB NRR mean and do your headsets meet OSHA requirements?
NRR stands for Noise Reduction Rating on the hearing portion of a headset. Typically, 25dB NRR would provide sufficient noise reduction in an environment with 114dB maximum. This assumes that the standard level of 90dB for 8 hours is considered normal working conditions. None of the OTTO products are labeled as "OSHA" approved due to the fact that OSHA has specific guidelines depending on the users environment. Your Safety or Personnel Department can provide you with the guidelines set for your environment.
What information does OTTO require to provide a quote on accessories?
Your OTTO Customer Service Representative will need the brand and model of the radio with which the accessories will be used. For example, Motorola GP300 radio, or Kenwood TK250 radio model.
Does OTTO sell direct to End Users?
OTTO will sell accessories direct to End Users in the USA at List prices. Outside the USA, OTTO will sell direct to users only in those countries where it has no exclusive Distributor.
I have a speaker mic with an 1/8" or 3/32" jack. Which earphone kit will fit?
If you an 1/8" jack, the 3.5mm plug is the one you need. If you have a 3/32" jack, the 2.5mm is the required plug.
What 2 prong plug do you have that will fit my XXXX radio?
Beware, even though a plug may fit into your radio jack, if it is not specifically wired for that radio's circuitry it may not function properly and can even damage your radio. Plugs with 10mm spacing and 2 prongs vary from mono/mono, to stereo/stereo and stereo/mono. Always use accessories designed for your specific radio.
Do I need a return authorization number to return product?
Yes, please contact our Customer Service Department toll free at 888-234-6886 or email comsales@ottoeng.com to obtain a return authorization number.
I am a dealer and sent in a product under warranty and already replaced the unit with my customer. I've received the used equipment back from OTTO stating they could not duplicate the failure. What does OTTO recommend I do with these units?
Ideally, it is best for dealers to test all equipment before it is returned to OTTO, preferably on the customer's radio. The more information you can provide about the failure mode and radio model, the easier it will be for OTTO to try and duplicate the failure. In this instance, the returned kits, can be used as loaners or rental equipment.
Does OTTO automatically send out a new replacement accessory if the failed unit is still within the warranty period?
OTTO does not automatically send out replacement units because each returned unit is analyzed for failure mode in order for OTTO to track trends and make product improvements. In many cases, the failure mode was due to hygiene issues and many are also found to be fully functional. These products cannot be resold by OTTO, thus they are sent back to the customer to use as a spare.
Does OTTO offer repair on their accessories?
OTTO provides repair services on selected products for a nominal fee. In addition, several replacement part options are available which will allow your technician to repair your unit. Contact Customer Service or check the replacement parts section of our website or current price book.
Does OTTO give discounts on volume buys?
OTTO products are competitively priced. We do offer discounts on products that have $15.00 List Price or higher based on the following: 0-99 Units 0% Discount 100-499 Units 5% Discount 500+ Units 10% Discount
Will OTTO develop special accessories for an item that I do not see in the price pages or on your website?
Contact OTTO direct for any special requirements that you may have. Each request will be reviewed with an Account Manager.
Who can I contact for technical assistance?
Always start with your Customer Service Representative. If they are unable to assist you, they will direct you to an individual that will help address your question.