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Aerospace Products


Over 50 Years of Air & Space Crew Protection

David Clark Company has pioneered air and space crew protective equipment design, development and manufacture since 1941, with products ranging from anti-G suits to space suits.

Some highlights include:

First Standard Anti-G Suits and Valves
Used by allied fighter pilots during World War II to prevent blacking out during high-G maneuvers.
First Operational Capstan Pressure Suits
Developed for X-1 rocket plane test pilots who broke the sound barrier and first explored high-altitude flight.
X-15 Full-Pressure Suits
Developed for test pilots who flew the X-15 to record speeds and altitudes - Mach 6.70 and 354,200 feet.
Gemini Space Suits
Various models developed to satisfy each mission's unique requirements, including the G-4C space suit for Ed White's first U.S. space walk and the G-5C "soft" space suits for Frank Borman and Jim Lovell on their 14-day endurance spaceflight.
Apollo Communications Carrier
Worn by all Apollo astronauts on their lunar missions, providing clear and reliable communications with mission control on Earth.
Standard Full-Pressure Suits
Numerous models worn by pilots of various high-altitude aircraft such as the RB-57, NF-104, F-106, F-4, F-15, XB-70, HL-10, X-24, U-2, AND SR-71 Blackbird.
Shuttle Advanced Crew Escape Suits
Launch Entry Suits and Advanced Crew Escape Suits worn by space shuttle astronauts.

David Clark Company's tradition of providing crew protective equipment for leading edge, manned aerospace programs continues into the future, as our designers apply their expertise to present and forseeable needs, particularly in the areas of acceleration and high-altitude protection. We remain dedicated to expanding performance of our aerospace crew protective equipment, thereby enabling continued expansion of the manned-flight envelope.

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