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F. A. Q. Page

A: Keith Clark, d.b.a. Sandown Wireless is the radio guy here. I'm a dealer for many lines of communications products and I work with other local Radio Equipment Manufacturers to offer you Two Way Radios and Accessories.

A: I purchase products for you direct from the manufacturers I represent or from dealers I have agreements with and ship these products directly to you.

A: Primarily Consulting. We have been in this industry for over 30 years and have a thoroughly professional understanding of the two way radio business. If you need an item chances are good that we will know where to get it. Our background allows us to recommend the best hardware for your application. If software or programming is required, We can take care of that also. Our pricing is always competitive and we try our very best to be easy and ethical to deal with..

A: We deal with Business, Government, Schools, Military, Public Safety and the rest of the private sector. We specialize in exporting our products world wide.

A: No, I encourage my customers to call me and talk to me about Their requirements. This personal touch ensures that you receive the correct products the first time. Once you deal with us on a personal basis you will understand the value of consulting with a professional on your project.

A: Yes, our radio supplier is digital radio certified by Kenwood.

A: Yes, we accept VISA, Master Card & Discover at this time

A: Yes, Public Safety Agencies, Government and Military PO's are welcome. PO's from other agencies or businesses are subject to our approval.

A: Presently there are four sides to this square:

www.criticalradio.com      www.criticalbattery.com      www.criticaltowers.com      www.criticalresponder.com

So if it's a portable radio battery or a 300 foot tower, we can help you. If it needs to end up in Baghdad, we can help you. If you need it tomorrow, hey, we will try our best!

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